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Visual SLAM

Contact: Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers

We pursue direct SLAM techniques that instead of using keypoints, directly operate on image intensities both for tracking and mapping.

Direct SLAM for Monocular and Stereo Cameras

LSD-SLAM is a direct SLAM technique for monocular and stereo cameras. The camera is tracked using direct image alignment, while geometry is estimated in the form of semi-dense depth maps, obtained by filtering over many pixelwise stereo comparisons. We then build a Sim(3) pose-graph of keyframes, which allows to build scale-drift corrected, large-scale maps including loop-closures.

Direct SLAM for RGB-D Cameras

For SLAM with RGB-D cameras (RGB-D SLAM) we developed a method that also tracks the camera using direct image alignment. We optimize a SE(3) pose-graph of keyframes to find a globally consistent trajectory and alignment of images.

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