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NamePositionPeriod of Timewent on to…
Dr. Mathieu Aubry PhD Student ENS Paris / Berkeley
Markus Bördgen PhD Student Central Krankenversicherung AG
Matthäus Brandl Master Student 08/11 - 11/12
Prof. Dr. Thomas Brox Postdoctoral Researcher09/05 - 10/07 Berkeley/Freiburg
John Chiotellis PhD Student - 05/21 Apple
Dr. Julia Diebold PhD Student 10/12 - 10/15
Dr. Csaba Domokos Postdoctoral Researcher 04/15-05/18 Bosch
Nikolas Engelhard Master Student - 03/13
Jakob Engel PhD Student - 06/16 Facebook / Occulus
Dr. Virginia Estellers Casas Postdoctoral Researcher 09/16 - 03/18 Microsoft
Dr. Xiang Gao Postdoctoral Researcher Baidu
Prof. Dr. Bastian Goldlücke Postdoctoral Researcher 07/08 - 10/11 Konstanz
Philip Häusser PhD Student 10/14 - 11/18 Ablacon Inc.
Caner Hazırbaş PhD Student 08/14 - 12/18 Facebook, prev. Apple
Dr. Mariano Jaimez PhD Student 01/15 - 10/17 Oculus
Dr. Youngwook Kee PhD Student 02/12- 08/13 KAIST / Cornell University
Christian Kerl PhD Student - 11/16
Karsten Knese Master Student 08/13 - 06/14 Aldebaran
Dr. Kalin Kolev PhD Student 01/06 - 06/11 ETH
Dr. Maria Klodt PhD Student -12/13 University of Oxford
Georg Kuschk PhD Student 01/17BMW
Dr. Zorah Lähner PhD Student - 01/21 University of Siegen
Lingni Ma PhD Student 02/15 - 09/18 Facebook
Dr. Robert Maier PhD Student 05/14 - 10/19 Apple
Dr. Thomas Möllenhoff PhD Student - 01/20 RIKEN AIP
Prof. Dr. Michael Möller Postdoctoral Researcher University of Siegen
Tayyab Naseer Master Student - 04/13 Freiburg
Dr. Claudia Nieuwenhuis Postdoctoral Researcher 12/09 - 05/13 Berkeley
Dr. Martin R. Oswald PhD Student 01/09 - 08/14 ETH
Prof. Dr. Thomas Pock Postdoctoral Researcher03/08 - 09/08 TU Graz
Dr. Yvain Queau Postdoctoral Researcher 09/16 - 04/18 L@bIsen Yncréa Ouest
Prof. Emanuele Rodolà Postdoctoral Researcher 08/13 - 02/16 La Sapienza / Rome
Dr. Ulrich Schlickewei Postdoctoral Researcher 10/09 - 03/12 McKinsey
Dr. Frank Schmidt Postdoctoral Researcher - 10/17 Bosch
Dr. Thomas Schoenemann PhD Student 12/05 - 04/09 Lund University
Dr. Mohamed Souiai PhD Student Magic Leap
Dr. Jan Stühmer PhD Student MIT
Frank Steinbrücker PhD Student 09/08 - 09/14Magic Leap
Dr. Jürgen Sturm Postdoctoral Researcher 03/11 - 05/14 Google
Dr. Jörg Stückler Postdoctoral Researcher 09/14-09/15 Aachen
Prof. Dr. Jörg Stückler Visiting Professor 10/17-03/18 MPI-IS Tübingen
Dr. Evgeny Strekalovskiy PhD Student 05/10 - 03/15 Google
Dr. Eno Töppe PhD Student - 05/13 Berkeley
Dr. Vladyslav Usenko PhD Student / Postdoctoral Researcher 01/2014 - 04/2020 Apple
Matthias Vestner PhD Student - 05/15 Apple
Caterina Vitadello PhD Student Audi
Rui Wang PhD Student 03/16 - 02/21 Microsoft
Dr. Andreas Wedel PhD Student 04/06 - 10/09 Daimler
Thomas Windheuser PhD Student Google
Dr. Tao Wu Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Xiaoqin Zhang Postdoctoral Researcher 01/2016 - 08/2016

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TANDEM (CoRL 2021) received the Best Demo Award at 3DV 2021! Congrats to Lukas Koestler, Nan Yang, and Niclas Zeller!


Bernt Schiele (Max Planck Institute for Informatics) will give a talk in the TUM AI lecture series on June 10th, 3pm! Livestream

French-German Machine Learning Symposium

French-German Machine Learning Symposium

The French-German Machine Learning Symposium brought together some of the leading ML researchers from France and Germany to give us a glimpse into their research and engage in discussions on the future of machine learning. The list of speakers includes Yann LeCun, Cordelia Schmid, Jean-Bernard Lasserre, Bernhard Schölkopf, and many more! For the full program please visit the webpage.


Ron Kimmel (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology) will give a talk in the TUM AI lecture series on May 6th, 3pm! Livestream