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Robert Maier

AlumniTechnische Universität München

Department of Computer Science
Informatik 9
Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching

Fax: +49-89-289-17757
Mail: robert.maier@in.tum.de

Research Interests

RGB-D based 3D Reconstruction, SLAM, Shape from Shading, Visual Odometry, Bundle Adjustment techniques, GPU Programming

Brief Bio

Robert Maier received his Bachelor's degree (2010) and his Master's degree (2013, with distinction) in Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich (Germany). He studied at UPC Barcelona (Spain) in 2011, before he worked as a Computer Vision Research Intern for RGB-D based 3D reconstruction at Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton, NJ (USA) in 2012. From 2013 to 2014 he worked as a Computer Vision Engineer for medical imaging and RGB-D based 3D reconstruction at ImFusion (Munich). Within the scope of his PhD activities, he spent several months as a Computer Vision Research Intern at Oculus Research (Redmond, WA, USA) and NVIDIA Research (Santa Clara, CA, USA). Since May 2014 he is a Research Assistant and PhD Candidate in the Computer Vision Group at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, headed by Professor Daniel Cremers.

Find me on Google Scholar, LinkedIn,Xing, Github as well as on my personal website.



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Book Chapters
[] RGB-D Vision (R. Maier and D. Cremers), Chapter in Encyclopedia of Robotics (Ang, M.H., Khatib, O., Siciliano, B., eds.), Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2020.  [bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Journal Articles
[]A Non-invasive 3D Body Scanner and Software Tool towards Analysis of Scoliosis (S. Roy, A.T.D. Gruenwald, A. Alves-Pinto, R. Maier, D. Cremers, D. Pfeiffer and R. Lampe), In BioMed Research International (BMRI), 2019. ([pdf]) [bibtex]
Conference and Workshop Papers
[]Correspondence-Free Material Reconstruction using Sparse Surface Constraints (S. Weiss, R. Maier, D. Cremers, R. Westermann and N. Thuerey), In IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020.  [bibtex] [pdf]
[]Sparse Surface Constraints for Combining Physics-based Elasticity Simulation and Correspondence-Free Object Reconstruction (S. Weiss, R. Maier, R. Westermann, D. Cremers and N. Thuerey), In arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.01812, 2019. ([pdf]) [bibtex] [arXiv:1910.01812]
[]Combining Depth Fusion and Photometric Stereo for Fine-Detailed 3D Models (E. Bylow, R. Maier, F. Kahl and C. Olsson), In Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (SCIA), 2019. ([slides] [poster]) [bibtex] [pdf]Oral Presentation, received the SCIA 2019 Honourable Mention award
[]Intrinsic3D: High-Quality 3D Reconstruction by Joint Appearance and Geometry Optimization with Spatially-Varying Lighting (R. Maier, K. Kim, D. Cremers, J. Kautz and M. Niessner), In International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2017. ([slides] [poster] [dataset] [code]) [bibtex] [pdf]
[]Multiframe Scene Flow with Piecewise Rigid Motion (V. Golyanik, K. Kim, R. Maier, M. Niessner, D. Stricker and J. Kautz), In International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV), 2017. ([slides] [poster] [supplementary]) [bibtex] [pdf]Spotlight Presentation
[]Efficient Online Surface Correction for Real-time Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction (R. Maier, R. Schaller and D. Cremers), In British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2017. ([poster] [supplementary]) [bibtex] [pdf]
[]De-noising, Stabilizing and Completing 3D Reconstructions On-the-go using Plane Priors (M. Dzitsiuk, J. Sturm, R. Maier, L. Ma and D. Cremers), In International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2017. ([video]) [bibtex] [pdf]
[]Super-Resolution Keyframe Fusion for 3D Modeling with High-Quality Textures (R. Maier, J. Stueckler and D. Cremers), In International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV), 2015. ([slides] [poster]) [bibtex] [pdf]
[]Submap-based Bundle Adjustment for 3D Reconstruction from RGB-D Data (R. Maier, J. Sturm and D. Cremers), In German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR), 2014. ([slides]) [bibtex] [pdf]Oral Presentation
PhD Thesis
[]High-Quality 3D Reconstruction from Low-Cost RGB-D Sensors (R. Maier), PhD thesis, Technische Universität München, 2020.  [bibtex]
Other Publications
[]Out-of-Core Bundle Adjustment for 3D Workpiece Reconstruction (R. Maier), Master's thesis, Technische Universität München, 2013.  [bibtex] [pdf]
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