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Contact: Jakob Engel, Jörg Stückler

In this research project we will explore visual navigation methods for Nanocopters, extremely small Quadrocopter with a flight-weight of less than 50g. Possible future applications are e.g. exploration of a collapsed building after a natural desaster, surveillance and inspection of difficult-to-reach areas, or simply as personal flying camera, to take pictures from a fully new perspective. In contrast to regular quadrocopters with a flight-weight of above 500g, nanocopters can safely be used indoors and close to people, can fly through even smaller gaps or windows, and - acting fully atonomously - can easily be deployed as a swarm.

The extraoridnarily small payload of such platforms poses new challenges, in particular as it imposes heavy constraints on the on-board sensor capabilities. Monocular nano-cameras - being lightweight, cheap and small, while at the same time providing rich information about the environment - are an ideal choice. In this project we will focus on off-board computations, i.e., perform costly computations on a ground-based laptop.

The aim of this research project is two-fold:

  • Develop suitable hardware prototypes (nanocopter + nano-camera), and corresponding software interfaces to facilitate visual navigation with off-board computation
  • Adapt and develop monocular visual navigation / SLAM methods suited for the high agility and comparatively low sensor quality of such a system.

This project is embedded in and supported by the Software Campus.


We provide some open-source code for the Crazyflie; for more details see the corresponding paper (see below). The Code is on GitHub


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Conference and Workshop Papers
[]Visual-Inertial Navigation for a Camera-Equipped 25g Nano-Quadrotor (O. Dunkley, J. Engel, J. Sturm and D. Cremers), In IROS2014 Aerial Open Source Robotics Workshop, 2014.  [bibtex] [pdf] [video]
Other Publications
[]Visual Inertial Control of a Nano-Quadrotor (OMW Dunkley), Master's thesis, Technical University Munich, 2014.  [bibtex] [pdf]
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Richard Szeliski (University of Washington) will give a talk in the TUM AI lecture series on Jan 28th, 5pm! Livestream


Frank Dellaert (Georgia Tech) will give a talk in the TUM AI lecture series on Dec 17th, 4pm! Livestream


Jon Barron (Google) will give a talk in the TUM AI lecture series on Oct 22nd, 9pm! Livestream


We have five papers accepted to 3DV 2020!


Our effcient deep network architectures form the AI engine of the project Slow Down COVID-19 at Harvard.