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Towards Recognition-based Variational Segmentation Using Shape Priors and Dynamic Labeling (bibtex) [pdf]
  author = {D. Cremers and N. Sochen and C. Schn{\"o}rr},
  title = {Towards {R}ecognition-based {V}ariational {S}egmentation {U}sing
    {S}hape {P}riors and {D}ynamic {L}abeling},
  booktitle = {Scale-{S}pace {M}ethods in {C}omputer {V}ision},
  year = {2003},
  editor = {L. D. Griffin and M. Lillholm},
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  pages = {388--400},
  address = {Isle of Skye},
  publisher = {Springer},
  titleurl = {dynamic_labeling.pdf},
  topic = {Shape Priors, Level Sets, Segmentation, Recognition},
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