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Deformable 3D Shape Matching

This dataset consists of a collection of 3D shapes undergoing nearly-isometric and within-class deformations. In particular, we provide two shape classes ("kid" and "fat kid") under different poses, where the same poses are applied to both classes. Filenames within each class are ordered by deviation from isometry, i.e. the last shape has the largest deformation with respect to the null pose. All shapes in the dataset are given in OFF format, have around 60k vertices and consistent triangulations.

Ground-truth: The shapes have compatible vertex ordering and thus the ground-truth correspondence is the identity. We are also including a text file which provides the symmetric ground-truth correspondence, that is, giving for each vertex its symmetric match on the same shape (self-isometry).

Download dataset

If you use the dataset, please cite the following paper:

Dense Non-Rigid Shape Correspondence Using Random Forests
E. Rodola, S. Rota Bulo, T. Windheuser, M. Vestner, and D. Cremers
In IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2014


  • Several shapes have self-intersections, but in fact no topological changes (i.e. no merging of the triangles) of the mesh graph take place. There exists an extended version of this dataset with topological merges.
  • All shapes were created with DAZ Studio.

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