The contest is finished and participation is no longer possible. However, you can download the evaluation code and compare your results to the methods that participated in the contest (Matlab code to produce a figure is included).


Participants are required to retrieve vertex-to-vertex correspondences for each pair of the contest shapes. That makes 90 matching problems in total. Both dense and sparse correspondences are accepted . Since the shapes in the data set carry bilateral intrinsic symmetries, symmetric solutions are accepted with no penalty.

There are separate contests for the low and high resolution shapes.


If you plan on participating please write a short email to


The evaluation will be based on the geodesic error of the given matching from the ground-truth vertex-wise correspondence. The following performance indices will be considered:

Submission format

Please submit your results in a zipped file containing one file for each pair of matched shapes.


Please send your submissions to and make sure you follow the submission format. Please also indicate if your submission is for the low or high resolution contest.
You can participate in both the high and low resolution contest (but you do not have to). Three submissions are allowed per group and contest.