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 Directed and undirected graphical models Directed and undirected graphical models
-  * Bayesian ​Network +  * Bayesian ​network 
-  * Markov ​Random Field +  * Markov ​random field 
-  * Conditional ​Random Field+  * Conditional ​random field
 Parameter learning for MRF and CRF models Parameter learning for MRF and CRF models
   * Gradient based optimization   * Gradient based optimization
   * Stochastic gradient descent   * Stochastic gradient descent
-  * Structured ​Support Vector Machines+  * Structured ​support vector machine
 Exact MAP inference methods for MRFs Exact MAP inference methods for MRFs
-  * Belief propagation on trees: ​max-sum algorithm+  * Belief propagation on trees: ​Max-sum algorithm
   * Binary graph cuts   * Binary graph cuts
   * Branch-and-mincut   * Branch-and-mincut
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 ** Location:** Room 02.09.023\\ ** Location:** Room 02.09.023\\
-** 1st Date:​** ​19th, July\\  +** 1st Date:​** ​19 July 2016\\  
-** 2nd Date:​** ​2nd, August\\ ​+** 2nd Date:​** ​August ​2016\\ 
 Please contact us per email if you want to reserve a specific time slot. Please contact us per email if you want to reserve a specific time slot.

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