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Diffusion Snakes: Introducing statistical shape knowledge into the Mumford--Shah functional (bibtex) [pdf]
@string{ijcv="International Journal of Computer Vision"}
  author = {D. Cremers and F. Tischh{\"a}user and J. Weickert and C. Schn{\"o}rr},
  title = {Diffusion {S}nakes: {I}ntroducing statistical shape knowledge into
    the {M}umford--{S}hah functional},
  journal = ijcv,
  year = {2002},
  volume = {50},
  pages = {295--313},
  number = {3},
  titleurl = {cremers_et_al_ijcv02.pdf},
  topic = {Shape Priors, Segmentation, Statistics},
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