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You're viewing the old homepage. The new homepage of J├╝rgen Sturm is located here: http://jsturm.de.


I am currently working in the following research problems:

RGB-D Vision including visual odometry, SLAM, dense 3D reconstruction, mapping, localization, pose tracking and benchmarking
Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs), including camera-based localization, dense mapping, data fusion, safe navigation and, when all of this works, flying manipulation

In my PhD thesis, I presented novel approaches for:

Body Schema Learning including bootstrapping and life-long adaptation of the body schema and kinematic models, and robust control in the presence of hardware failures
Learning Kinematic Models for Articulated Objects including robust model estimation, Bayesian model comparison and selection, visual perception of articulated objects and robust control with mobile manipulation robots
Imitation Learning to learn task descriptions from human demonstrations
Tactile Sensing for manipulation robots, to enable them to recognize objects and estimate their internal state using tactile sensors

I received my master's degree from the University of Amsterdam in 2006. In my master's thesis, I developed a visual compass for mobile robots.

A visual compass for mobile robots developed for the Dutch Aibo Team and the RoboCup robotic soccer competitions.

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