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Mathieu Aubry

This web page is out of date. For more info, please visit my new web page

Brief Bio

I studied Mathematics and Cognitive Sciences at the École Polytechnique (Paris) from 2006 to 2009. In 2009 I became a civil servant in France. Following the Mathematics, Vision and Learning (MVA) master from the ENS Cachan (France) and the cursus from the ENPC (France), I specialized in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, . In the end of 2010 I did my master thesis with Daniel Cremers on variational calibration and shape description. In 2011 I spent 8 months on a project at Adobe in Cambridge MA, co-advised by Sylvain Paris and Frédo Durand. Since October 2011 I am a PhD student in the Computer Vision Group at the Technical University of Munich with Daniel Cremers and in the Willow team from the INRIA and ENS with Josef Sivic in Paris.

Research Interests

My current research mainly focuses on the analysis of images and shapes. This includes both their descriptions and statistics. I am also interested in image processing, computationnal photography and pattern recognition.


I will teach a seminar in the winter semester 2011/2012 on images and shapes descriptors, beginning in November. Please visit the webpage for more details.

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Informatik IX
Chair of Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence

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Hao Li (Pinscreen) will give a talk in the TUM AI lecture series on April 22nd, 8pm! Livestream


Thomas Pock (TU Graz) will give a talk in the TUM AI lecture series on April 15th, 3pm! Livestream


Max Welling (University of Amsterdam) will give a talk in the TUM AI lecture series on April 1st, 3pm! Livestream


We have seven papers (4 orals, 3 posters) accepted to CVPR 2021!


We have two papers accepted to ICRA 2021!