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Sublabel-Accurate Convex Relaxation of Vectorial Multilabel Energies (bibtex) [pdf]
@string{eccv="European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)"}
author={E. Laude and T. M\"ollenhoff and M. Moeller and J. Lellmann and D. Cremers},
title={Sublabel-Accurate Convex Relaxation of Vectorial Multilabel Energies},
year= {2016},
booktitle = eccv,
keywords={convex-optimization, convex-relaxation, multilabeling, primal-dual},
note = {{<a href="/_media/spezial/bib/laude16eccv_supp.pdf"target="_blank">[supp]</a>} {<a href="" target="_blank">[code]</a>}}
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