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Bachelor Theses / Master Theses / IDP / Guided Research

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Interdisciplinary Project (IDP) or Guided Research in the field of (RGB-D based) 3D Reconstruction, SLAM or Visual Odometry, please feel free to contact me or drop by my office. Depending on the research project, a background in C++ and Computer Vision is usually required.


Summer Semester 2016

Winter Semester 2015/2016

Summer Semester 2015

Winter Semester 2014/2015

Supervised Student Projects

Dense Visual-Inertial Odometry.
Michael Grupp, Master's Lab Project, December 2016.

Combining Voxel Hashing and Keyframe Fusion for Efficient Online Surface Re-Integration.
Raphael Schaller, Master's Thesis, November 2016.

Using Plane Priors for 3D Scene Reconstruction on a Mobile Device.
Maksym Dzitsiuk, Master's Thesis, October 2016.

Hierarchical Submap-based Bundle Adjustment for Large-scale RGB-D SLAM.
Markus Herb, Guided Research, April 2016.

Texmap: A Versatile Library for Texture Mapping.
Sebastian Weiss, Student Project (HiWi), September 2015.

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