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TUM Flyers

Our team TUM Flyers competes in the EuRoC Challenge 3

Team members:
- Vladyslav Usenko (team leader)
- Jakob Engel
- Christian Kerl
- Lukas von Stumberg
- Rudi Vocilka

Since 2011, our group develops vision-based methods for SLAM and autonomous navigation for MAVs. You can find a detailed description of our research here.


  • 13.05.2015: We have been admitted to Stage II of EuRoC Challenge 3 with the top scoring proposal! See this link for details. Drop us a line if you are interested to take part as a PhD student/intern, a student researcher, or write a Master thesis in this direction!
  • 01.12.2014: We have won Stage I (Simulation Contest) of EuRoC Challenge 3 with 90.5 out of 106.5 points and a big advantage towards the second place team (82.5 points). See this link for details.
  • 17.11.2014: We have submitted our solution to Stage I of EuRoC Challenge 3. Let's keep fingers crossed!
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